The first visit

When you are going for the consultation (first visit) to the orthodontist it would be a good thing for you to think in a quite home atmosphere, what is the main reason of your visit. During the first consultation a doctor finds out thoroughly all grounds of your coming and takes all your wishes into account. During the clinical study the doctor pays attention to the proportion of face and smile, he checks the state of the oral cavity as well as your bite and the condition of your joints. To make the detailed plan for orthodontic treatment, which will be needed in your particular case, it would be necessary to have careful diagnosis, which will include:

  • The analysis of X-rays – Panoramic Radiographs and Cephalometric Radiographs
  • Measurement of diagnostic teeth models
  • Photometry (face and the teeth picture analyses).

The orthodontist defines if there is any problem, its severity and the scope of orthodontic treatment. After that you should come to the repeated medical consultation. According to the results doctor counsels you. At this point the treatment plan should be discussed. The type of orthodontic appliances, the brace system and the scope of intervention are defined as well as the period of treatment and its cost. Then the start date of the orthodontic treatment is agreed.

It’s possible, that some kind of preparations is needed before the orthodontic treatment As the braces can be bonded only on healthy teeth! The treatment of dental caries or endodontic treatment (filling of root canals) will be provided to you if necessary, as well as professional oral hygiene (scaling of dental tartar and deposit) and treatment of parodontosis. Also special attention is paid to how thoroughly the patient brushes his teeth. As the presence of the soft deposit says about bad hygiene, which is absolute contraindication for the braces bonding. The doctor-hygienist will teach to brush your teeth, use dental flossy and he will help you to choose the correct tooth paste and tooth-brush. Also he will prescribe the calcium drugs and the special strengthening gels for the tooth enamel. In a month the check-up visit. If the hygiene is in order, the orthodontic treatment may be started!