When you need the orthodontic treatment?

Nobody has any doubts about how beautiful and well-ordered teeth are look like. But, still, we first consider the examples of the correct bite (correct occlusion):

  • Upper and lower teeth contact
  • No turns and inclinations of teeth
  • No space between teeth
  • Upper teeth overlap the lower ones no more than by 1-2 mm or 1/3 height of the crown in the lower front teeth
The orthodontic treatment is necessary when:

Thumb sucking after 3-4 years of age (leads to open biting)

Nasal breathlessness: open mouth, mouth breath, constriction of the upper jaw (with constantly open mouth, the maxillofacial area muscles are imbalanced, whichalways leads to the disturbed occlusion!)

Upper teeth overlap lower teeth vertically when closing (increased risk of the teeth injury, the lips close up with difficulty)

Upper and lower teeth contact in direct bite (teeth overloading, their mobility, heightened erasability of the teeth, impossibility to carry out the proper restoration of teeth and to install the veneers)

Upper teeth partially or completely overlap the lower teeth (injury of mucous membrane of the palate, TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) problems ВНЧС, evident mental fold and headaches).

Lower front teeth protrude ahead and overlap the upper teeth (aesthetics smile is defected, with kids the grows of the upper jaw is restrained)

Upper and lower teeth do not contact (disturbed biting and food chewing lead to gastrointestinal tract problems, incorrect sound pronunciation)

periodontitis, overloading of teeth and periodontium, TMJ problems)

Chewing difficulties, unfixed bite, pains, clicks in temporomandibular joints, orthodontic preparation is required before dental prosthetics.

Crossbite leads to asymmetry of the face, disturbances of temporomandibular joint (TMJ).